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Dear Seniors,
Please come by my lab, room 201, any time. We can set up a time to meet to discuss/help/actualize any college plans/questions you may have.
Miss L

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Transitioning To College
Personality Typing...Who Am I?
While Still in High School....
College Application Process
Raritan Valley Community College
  Medical School Preparation
Graduate School
Healthy Living




While Still in High School....
1) Top Ten Skills to Navigate High School
2) Grades and Standardized Tests
3) Other High School Study Skills
4) Learning About Finances In High School
5) Database of High School Scholarships
6) National Youth Leadership Forum
7) Teach Yourself ANYTHING...SAT etc!!

College Application Process
1) Top Ten Tips for Applying to College
2) Writing the College Essay
3) The College Visit
4) Writing You Mission Statement
5) The College Interview
6) Why Should This College Want You
7) Admissions Essay for NJ
8) Extra Curricular Activities
9) Financing College
10) Net Price Calculator for College
11) Want to Know the Likelihood a College Will Accept You? There’s an App for That!
12) Facebook Check and Clean Up
13) Find the Right School For You
14) Paying Tuition & Other Costs
15) Finding the Right College N activation code - N3273266SGT
16) Help Organizing the College Admissions Process


Raritan Valley Community College
1) RV is a Great Deal
2) Cram Page
3) Study Flashcards for Many Topics
4) New NJ Financial Aid Form
5)How to Get to Lion's Den
6) Login to Lion's Den
7) How to Get the Books You Need
8) Teach Yourself ANYTHING



Medical School Preparation
1) Undergraduate Research Registry
2) Cram Page
3) Study Flashcards for Many Topics
4) Amazing Study Resources
5) Elements of the Pre Med Folder
6) Paid Summer Research
7)MCAT study Plan
8) MCAT formula sheet
9)Journals to Read
10)application process
11)communication skills
12)FAP for application and MCAT (Fee Assistance)
13) Financing Med School
14) Interview Techniques
15) Letters of Recommendation
16) Primary Application
17)Secondary Application
18) Useful Things To Buy For Med School
19) Scholarships to Pay for Med School
20) Osteopathic FAP
21) IVY League Entrance Guide
22) If Your College Does Not Have a Pre-Med Advisor
23) Medical Specialty Apptitude Test and U Mass Site
24) After the Initial Application.........
25) New MCAT 2012





Transitioning to College
1) Homesick
2) The solution to bad grades.....
3) Building Powerful Relationships
4) Database of National Scholarships
5) Positive Self Talk
6) databases for scholarships
7)Money Management for College Students
9) Textbooks to Buy or Rent: Cheap


Personality Typing...Who Am I?
1) Number Typing: A Personality Tool to Leverage Your Strengths and Communicate More Effectively
2) Your Future Self
3) Moodscope...track your moods

Graduate School
1) Over 400 programs - REU and Other Summer Research Opportunities for Undergrads
2) For Financial Support in Graduate School Opportunities:
Bridges, GK-12, IGERT and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation:
3) For NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships:
4) New GRE Format
5)Living Off Campus

Healthy Living and Continuing Education
1) How Much Water To Drink
2) Food Pyramids for Healthy Eating
3) Calorie Lists

4) What To Know Before You Tatoo